One of the names you might skip over when discussing Central Texas’ buzzing artists is Ghostboy Jaysee. The former track athlete at Texas State comes from the East coast, but attended school in Austin before moving 30 minutes down I-35 to San Marcos. 

Jaysee has seen what trusting the process can create. After dropping single after single the past few years, the strategy has certainly paid some dividends. His last release “Stepped in the Room” featuring GLV’s Deelow and Purp, dropped in May and has ran up 28k views on Youtube.

His first solo track with no features in awhile, the growth is evident. “Juvenile” is an ode to Jaysee’s journey. Balancing everything from sports, school, and trapping has given him a hunger for more. Produced by the talented Bott, the bass heavy anthem features simple melody, crisp bells, and rolling drums. If Jaysee wasn’t sure of his sound this is it. Paired with a clean video from Trent Owens (iamPSDNYM), the upward trend from Ghostboy Jaysee continues. Look for “Juvenile” on all streaming platforms this week and his debut project on the way soon.


Texas based artist Billyracxx is one of the most exciting artists out. His visuals push the boundaries on what we should expect from artists willing to give us more then a 2:00 soundbite. Back2BackHipHop links with the buzzing artist to discuss his career, what makes him tick, and what to expect in the future. 

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Just a day before a raucous show together in Austin Chxpo and Teeta drop off a collaboration project titled "Money Don't Sleep". Chxpo has become an underground legend over the past few years with association with platforms like No Jumper and every buzzing underground artist in the game racking up millions of plays online. After their collaboration single "Donuts" last year accumulated over 20k plays the two linked up again in Texas and made 6 tracks in a day. From the stupid catchy "Pain Pills" to the aggressive "Right Now" and "Yeah Yeah" underground fans will love this. 



Bubbling Texas artist Trae Cane returns to our pages with a bang. This time linking with Chicago’s own and new G.O.O.D music signee Valee for a vibe heavy record titled “Heard Of”. While in Chicago this summer shooting his “On My Own” video with Cole Bennett,Trae had his team reach out to Valee to see if they could make a play. A few hours after Valee’s show that night they linked at Classick Studios and got to work.

The Steelo Foreign produced record gets you hooked off the jump. The Texas producer has worked with plenty of big names and now adds Valee to the list as his production keeps getting better and more refined. The bass and 808’s bang, but the synth provides a nice laid back feel making this a perfect record for the whip (skrrt off).

Trae Cane sets the tone, both verses are nice and smooth and gets you hooked with lavish references and plenty of designer name drops as Valee comes in for the second verse and does his thing. Trae Cane announced today he is dropping his debut full length album Holograms on March 1st with some major features from Yung Bambi, Billyracxx, Baby Guwop, and more. Stay tuned for more, and make sure to listen below and let us know what you think. Follow Trae Cane on Spotify here.


At 15 years old, Hype was immediately infatuated with taking photos and seeing people react to his work. What started from photographing parties and small shows in San Antonio grew to tours with Tory Lanez, press at the BET Awards, and behind the scenes with the Migos. Hype has grown to be one of the biggest up and coming names in the game. As Cash Money artist Jacquees' official photographer and social media director, whose page now boasts 2 million IG followers, Hype has built quite the buzz for himself and others.

His catalog of music videos includes buzzing Texas rapper Tay-K, whose Megaman video recently surpassed 9 million views, and videos for San Antonio's Blake have accumulated over 12 million. Hype has turned that into a successful Youtube channel called The Shooters, with an engaged 17k followers waiting to see what Hype drops next. If you're a buzzing artist looking for visual work to take you to the next level, Hype is your guy. 

Visit to view his work. 

Neko's addicting EP "YOUTH" and why Montreal might have one of the best undergrounds in rap

I've recently stumbled across the bustling underground scene of Montreal, Canada. A city that boasts no industry rappers and other then Celine Deon the only other name that might ring a bell is Arcade Fire. Consistently under the shadow of neighboring industry powerhouse Toronto, Montreal has a few artists with potential to break into the industry. One of those I came across is a young rapper named Neko who dropped the first of a two part EP titled "YOUTH" that I can't stop listening to.

The 6 track EP boasts sounds made popular by Playboy Carti and other underground rappers that old heads scoff at. The element that impressed me was that 4 out of 6 songs are self produced, creating a consistent sound throughout the project. It allows Neko to play around with a couple of different styles over the heavy production showing off some versatility in flow and delivery. The standout tracks to me are "WOK!" and "Yayah!", listen to "side A" of "<em>Youth</em>" below. We look forward to hearing "side B" from Neko soon.

Gxlden Child is another artist from Montreal I see big things from. With a sound similar to something you might hear out of Toronto, Gxlden has all the tools to take his smooth autotune filled records to the next level. Although he's been relatively quiet since he released "Thotful" in February, apparently prepping to release an album titled "Lost in Helladise" sometime this year. It was his video for "It's Fine" that caught my eye. Since it's release in January it's racked up 46k views on Youtube. I'm excited to see what he releases next.

Maybe the most creative out of everyone mentioned is Husser who hails from Montreal's tight knit Little Burgundy community. 1/3 of the group The Posterz, Husser dropped a crazy solo video in April titled "Can't Blame Em" racking up 51k views in 3 months. He's mysteriously disappeared from all social media accounts so we hope he returns with the same level of music and creativity soon.

Last but not least is the brash young rapper Mike Shabb who seeminly produces all his own records. More lyrical than anyone else I've mentioned, Shabb mixes gritty lyrics over heavy production. Just when you think his flow gets repetitive (a problems nobody seems to mind anymore) he switches it up. One of my favorites is "Jungle" released in April of this year.

Hopefully we see Montreal's underground scene continue to grow over the next few months. In the meantime, Popped Cherry continues to bring you a few artists and sounds that you should be seeing all over your timelines soon.

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Some songs rely on the listener to create the story or the setting. I always liked Future but it wasn’t until hearing “I’m So Groovy” in a smoked out strip club in Vegas to understand how he felt. There’s something about great artists that can take you to places you’ve never been, and allow you to feel like you’re there. Get familiar with Wisconsin’s KennyHoopla, who returns with a summer ballad titled “Waves” produced by taxpurposes.

The visuals, shot by the talented Marcus Pulvermacher, paint a perfect summer picture and allow Kenny to do what he does best, be himself. With the first line of the chorus being, “they could never write my story”, I wouldn’t dare try.

What I will say is, jump on the KennyHoopla bandwagon before it’s too late. We all love humble bragging to our friends when songs or artists like this blow up.

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Recent Austin (TX) hit-maker D. Brooks adds to his burgeoning catalog with the tredyboi1hunna produced track, “Gnarly” featuring Goon Des Garcons.

Heavy production mixed with a level of energy only Goon Des Garcons can bring makes this a must hear track. If you aren’t familiar with what D. Brooks brings to the table, this is a good place to start.  You can always bank on a catchy hook and a few different flows. Usually weaving the listener through a confident retelling of previous nights’ escapades with someone else’s wcw.

This is quite the big feature for Brooks to get so soon. Goon Des Garcons is about to drop a new project titled “Sore Loser” this month and the buzz surrounding the Little Rock (AR) native continues to grow fast. While Goon is on the cusp of perhaps another level, D. Brooks continues building a solid resume of hit after hit. Has me wondering when people will start to catch on… something is brewing in the capital of Texas.


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Austin’s comeback player of the year, rapper TRAE CANE, continues his 2017 resurgence with the Steelo Foreign produced “On My Own”. The autotune croons, the beat slaps, and the bars bang. Something we’ve gotten used to every time Trae and Steelo combine on a track.

Following up the successful debut of his single “She Kno“, he continues applying pressure with the uptempo song dedicated to honoring the come up. Trae’s not shy when it comes to being himself, and hides nothing from the struggle to the shine.

Hopefully we’ll get some visuals from him and his team soon, but with plenty more songs in the vault I don’t think the TRAE CANE wave is stopping anytime soon. Listen to “On My Own” below.