Neko's addicting EP "YOUTH" and why Montreal might have one of the best undergrounds in rap

I've recently stumbled across the bustling underground scene of Montreal, Canada. A city that boasts no industry rappers and other then Celine Deon the only other name that might ring a bell is Arcade Fire. Consistently under the shadow of neighboring industry powerhouse Toronto, Montreal has a few artists with potential to break into the industry. One of those I came across is a young rapper named Neko who dropped the first of a two part EP titled "YOUTH" that I can't stop listening to.

The 6 track EP boasts sounds made popular by Playboy Carti and other underground rappers that old heads scoff at. The element that impressed me was that 4 out of 6 songs are self produced, creating a consistent sound throughout the project. It allows Neko to play around with a couple of different styles over the heavy production showing off some versatility in flow and delivery. The standout tracks to me are "WOK!" and "Yayah!", listen to "side A" of "<em>Youth</em>" below. We look forward to hearing "side B" from Neko soon.

Gxlden Child is another artist from Montreal I see big things from. With a sound similar to something you might hear out of Toronto, Gxlden has all the tools to take his smooth autotune filled records to the next level. Although he's been relatively quiet since he released "Thotful" in February, apparently prepping to release an album titled "Lost in Helladise" sometime this year. It was his video for "It's Fine" that caught my eye. Since it's release in January it's racked up 46k views on Youtube. I'm excited to see what he releases next.

Maybe the most creative out of everyone mentioned is Husser who hails from Montreal's tight knit Little Burgundy community. 1/3 of the group The Posterz, Husser dropped a crazy solo video in April titled "Can't Blame Em" racking up 51k views in 3 months. He's mysteriously disappeared from all social media accounts so we hope he returns with the same level of music and creativity soon.

Last but not least is the brash young rapper Mike Shabb who seeminly produces all his own records. More lyrical than anyone else I've mentioned, Shabb mixes gritty lyrics over heavy production. Just when you think his flow gets repetitive (a problems nobody seems to mind anymore) he switches it up. One of my favorites is "Jungle" released in April of this year.

Hopefully we see Montreal's underground scene continue to grow over the next few months. In the meantime, Popped Cherry continues to bring you a few artists and sounds that you should be seeing all over your timelines soon.

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