Recent Austin (TX) hit-maker D. Brooks adds to his burgeoning catalog with the tredyboi1hunna produced track, “Gnarly” featuring Goon Des Garcons.

Heavy production mixed with a level of energy only Goon Des Garcons can bring makes this a must hear track. If you aren’t familiar with what D. Brooks brings to the table, this is a good place to start.  You can always bank on a catchy hook and a few different flows. Usually weaving the listener through a confident retelling of previous nights’ escapades with someone else’s wcw.

This is quite the big feature for Brooks to get so soon. Goon Des Garcons is about to drop a new project titled “Sore Loser” this month and the buzz surrounding the Little Rock (AR) native continues to grow fast. While Goon is on the cusp of perhaps another level, D. Brooks continues building a solid resume of hit after hit. Has me wondering when people will start to catch on… something is brewing in the capital of Texas.


-originally posted on Popped Cherry-