Some songs rely on the listener to create the story or the setting. I always liked Future but it wasn’t until hearing “I’m So Groovy” in a smoked out strip club in Vegas to understand how he felt. There’s something about great artists that can take you to places you’ve never been, and allow you to feel like you’re there. Get familiar with Wisconsin’s KennyHoopla, who returns with a summer ballad titled “Waves” produced by taxpurposes.

The visuals, shot by the talented Marcus Pulvermacher, paint a perfect summer picture and allow Kenny to do what he does best, be himself. With the first line of the chorus being, “they could never write my story”, I wouldn’t dare try.

What I will say is, jump on the KennyHoopla bandwagon before it’s too late. We all love humble bragging to our friends when songs or artists like this blow up.

-originally posted on Popped Cherry-